Hieronymus Bosch, Painter and Draughtsman: Catalogue Raisonné

"Compiled by members of the Bosch Research and Conservation Project and published on the 500th anniversary of Hieronymus Bosch's death, this is the definitive new catalogue of all of Bosch's extant paintings and drawings. His mastery and genius have been redefined as a result of six years of research on the iconography, techniques, pedigree, and conservation history of his paintings and on his life. This stunning volume includes all new photography, as well as up-to-date research on the individual works. For the first time, the incredible creativity of this late medieval artist, expressed in countless details, is reproduced and discussed in this book. Special attention is being paid to Bosch as an image maker, a skilled draughtsman, and a brutal painter, changing the game of painting around 1500 by his innovative way of working."
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Collected below are featured links from the monograph to the online imagery and viewers of the BRCP. These are meant to illustrate some of the arguments made in the book in a way that is only possible online. Thus, the website should be seen as an extension of the BRCP book publications, offering the public a unique way to consult the BRCP's research data.

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L04: p. 488, n. 19

L05: p. 488, n. 21

L08: p. 488, n. 31

L09: p. 488, n. 33

L12: p. 562, n. 2

L13: p. 562, n. 3

L14: p. 562, n. 7

L16: p. 214, n. 11

L17: p. 214, n. 12

L18: p. 214, p. 19

L19: p. 131, n. 14

L20: p. 197, n. 21

L21: p. 355, n. 3

L22: p. 355, n. 4

L23: p. 355, n. 10

L24: p. 355, n. 15

L25: p. 355, n. 16

L26: p. 467, n. 13

L27: p. 244, n. 13

L29: p. 554, n. 2

L30: p. 495, n. 1

L31: p. 391, n. 8; p. 534, n. 4

L32: p. 488, n. 34

L33: p. 335, n. 45

L34: p. 289, n. 18

L35: p. 289, n. 17

L36: p. 289, n. 17

L37: p. 51, n. 25

L38: p. 51, n.26

L39: p. 138, n.11

L40: p. 138, n.12

L41: p. 138, n. 13

L42: p. 138, n. 14

L43: p. 138, n.10
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